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Ecards for Birthdays – It goes without saying that birthdays are special. It’s a day to commemorate how a person completes a year after another, advancing and growing in vigour and intelligence. It is a day when a person should be showered with love, affection, and best wishes, and ecards are the best option when that person is far away.

Ecards for Travel – When someone dear is setting foot on a journey you can pack your best wishes and send it to that person with beautiful travel ecards Malaysia. These ecards with a Malaysian flair aptly translate your thought to wish the recipient a happy and safe journey.

Ecards for Holidays – Holiday season are filled with celebrations and bliss. It’s a time when people send each other glad tidings and wish each other prosperity and happiness. Favekad has an array of Holiday ecards Malaysia to choose from. These ecards are best if your friends and family are not around during the holiday season. What’s better than surprising them with a special ecard?

Ecards for Wedding – When two people get married in the presence of their close friends and family, all they want is love and blessing from them. If you are unable to attend the wedding of a dear friend or a loving family member, send your best wishes for the newlyweds with an Asian wedding ecard.

Ecards for Festival – Festivals help us keep in touch with our tradition and bring us closer as a community. If you are missing a dear one during a festive celebration, make sure to send your warm wishes with festival ecards to show how much you care.

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